Lately, it seems we always have one of our senior-aged dogs at the vets for some type of problem. Both dogs were sent home wearing the dreaded lampshade after their most recent visits. This is Kobi's page. Here is Cassie's page: Working The Sympathy

Journaling: Just a month ago Cassie was wearing a lampshade, now it’s Kobi’s turn. He sure earned his dose of sympathy with his sad eyes, so I tried to cheer him up by decorating his lampshade, but I don’t think he appreciated it. April 10, 2011


Katie Pertiet:
Dog Park Kit
Mail Room No. 05 Paper Pack
Binder Ring Books: Vintage No. 01
Stacked Vintage Frames No. 02
Thankful Memories Kit (ribbon)
Between the Lines Alphabet

Anna Aspnes:
ShowCase Layered Templates No. 02
LabelTransfers No. 03 ElementSet
Hipster Plumes No. 29 BrushSet
JazzedUp LoopDaLoops No. 01 ElementSet

Lynn Grieveson:
Frayed Knots

Fonts: Two Turtle Doves, Escape Typewriter, P22 Cezanne