Anna's new ArtPlay Fotographie
inspired my recording of a thought I've had for some time now. This isn't in response to a particular PageKraft challenge, just thought it fit here.

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I feel the most real in life, the most me, when looking through the lens of a camera.
There’s a sort of hyper-connection between myself and the object of my vision.
The world is more alive to me through the lens than with the naked eye.
I can crop the scene—my view of the Serengeti zooms from the calm blowing grasses to the attack of the lioness and her cubs eating lunch.
I hear the crackle of ice beneath my feet as I shoot toward the warm sun.
Ah, I remember the neon sign even though I never tasted the clam chowder.
The foamy sea water washes across my ankles and I can smell the salt as I snap the shutter.
I open the view of a New Orleans’ upper window though I cannot reach the latch.
I stroke the bridge of this handsome soul’s stone, cold nose as if it had been carved yesterday.
The giggles still fill the kitchen when I remember taking the photo of my toddler playing his toy drum.
I pray for the sleeping child in his little bed although he’s grown and lives in his own home now.
Yes, I feel most alive, most connected to those I love, when I am holding my camera and looking through the lens.

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