I was originally doing this page as part of the Heritage - Occupation challenge, but as I worked on it, it morphed from my dad's occupation, to what the main photo on the page meant to me - from my views as a child. I have to admit, it was a tough one to scrap, as it brought out so much of what I miss about my dad, and just how much I miss him even though he passed away a great many years ago.

The main photo I am guessing came from the 40's, which is when he actually had his own business fixing up and selling cars in downtown New Haven. It was after he became a truck drive that he would spend his weekends at a friends garage. It is what he loved the best. The photos in the negative strip were from 1955.

Journaling reads:
My favorite photograph of my father. It has so much of what I remember about him. For one thing, his hands were always dirty, as he was always working on cars, and never able to get all the grease out from under his nails. The photo has his smile - when he smiled big, it lit up my world. Being that he was Italian, he tanned easily, and that combined with his ever-present 5 o'clock shadow made his hazel eyes stand out, and made his smile even more incredible. I didn’t see him smile as much as I would have liked, but it was so special to me. This photo shows his limp (he is slightly angled to one side) - as he had polio when he was young, and it caused him to have a slightly deformed foot, making him walk with a limp. He wouldn’t have been my dad without it.

What the photo doesn’t show was how quiet he was, as he was taught to provide for his family, but not how to talk about all the things he loved so much. We had to carefully watch him to learn about him. This photo also doesn’t show his love for animals - how he brought home all sorts of stray animals including a crow, which he taught to talk, and the turkey that he became so attached to, that his family didn’t have the heart to kill him for Thanksgiving dinner. He never ate either chicken or turkey from that time on. In all his travels as a truck driver, he never passed up bringing home a turtle or two, which he would pick up on the road, for fear it would be smashed by a passing car on the highway. It also doesn’t show how great he sang, and how he and I would sit at the bottom of the stairs, next to the hi-fi, and listen to his favorites Tony Bennett, and Ray Charles. To this day, “Georgia on my mind” is my favorite song because of all the times I listened to it with him. It also doesn’t show great he whistled - better than any song bird I ever heard. He would whistle in the back yard, waiting patiently for the squirrels to come and eat the peanuts out of his hand.

Unfortunately, this photo of him working as a weekend auto mechanic (what he loved best) doesn’t show that he would die from leukemia, at too young an age, leaving far too little of him for his young family to hold onto - just a few photographs, and too few memories.

Items Used:
Katie Pertiet:
I delight in you - layered template
clock parts
worth repeating no. 5
Dog park kit
in a strip (negative)
defined value pack no. 1
classic cardstock - details paper pack
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Comfy Cozy Alpha - scrap orchard
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