after a bit of a frustrating week and more cold weather it was so nice to receive this little gem in the mail. the beacon hill garden club has sponsored the Hidden Garden Tour for the last 82 years. a wonderful day of exploration and discovery (not to mention photo ops!) of beacon hill gardens planted on brownstone roof tops, secreted away down alley paths, inside homes, wherevever you can imagine. it is something i look forward to each year as more than anything it says: spring is here and all is well with the world!

Katie Pertiet:
Mixed Bag Brushes No.2
Little Layette Bow
Hand Stitched Flowers
Digitally Pressed Petals 2, 3, and 6
2nd Hand Memories Stitching
Stamped Stitches 4
E-Mail Inspiration 82210
Collageables 2, lace
Bohemian Photo Mats No.1
Drop Shadow Styles

Cassie Jones:
HTDT 04 Selective Recoloring
HTDT 13 Bending Shadows
HTDT 18 Weaving Words

Dark Textured Neutrals
Art Play Palette Genuine - transfer
Hipster and Plume KornersNEdge No.1

Elodi Solids

In Distress2
Worn Strips 10
Folie ribbon

PKnox: PinItsPearls

Fonts: RM typewriter, Old Goudy.