Journaling: It was Aimée who talked about it first, in December when we were making goals for the year. She said she wanted to write more stuff down, and I thought: Yeah, I should write more stuff down, too. It was almost mid-Januuary before I started to journal, but I have written every day since. It wasn’t a goal for the year or a resolution or anything. Just a renewed habit. It started just being a place for notes from my Bible reading, but before long it came to be a place for a lot more: thoughts and feelings and even quotes and emails I printed out. I write in it every morning, I carry it with me to church, I read what I’ve written. I paste or staple stuff into it. I filled the first one and have started another. Spiral bound, so it lies flat for writing and has a place for my pen (Pilot G2) to clip in. The first one was one I designed and ordered from Shutterfly last fall; the next is one I picked up at Target and altered the cover. I like that they look cool, I like that I’m using them for more than just Bible notes or sermon notes. I like the size--easy to write in, not too big to carry easily. But mostly: I like writing my story, thinking on paper, using my muscles to make my mark and think, think, think.

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