One of our favorites at Busch Gardens...the flamingos. They have some where there are just a few grouped together and then they have areas of flocks of them.

Flamingos are great social birds and love to be in flocks. In one area of east Africa, one million lesser flamingos gather together forming the largest flocks known among birds today. Wouldn't that be some sight??

We spend a lot of time watching them, doing their head-flagging...stretching their neck with head up high, turning their head quickly from side to side; doing wing salutes...showing off their contrasting colors with their tails cocked and neck and wings outstretched; twist preening...turning their necks clear around to reach all its feathers and our favorite...marching. When they march, the whole flock walks tightly together as one before stopping abruptly and changing direction. They will do this over and over!! It's so funny! We love them!


Katie Pertiet
Threaded Wraps No. 01
Grungy Clusters No. 02 Brushes and Stamps
Cherished Artistry Paper Pack
Layer Works No. 31

Michelle Martin
Jelly Alphabet No. 19

Fonts: Charlemagne Std, Ravie