So diggin' this new template from Studio DD (Kayleigh)! Perfect for these photos of my son's different looks. TFL!


Studio DD:
Layer Works No. 38 (template) - coming soon!

Maplebrook Studios:
Annelise Neutrals (patterned paper) - coming soon!
Annelise Neutrals Solids (paper) - coming soon!
Algot Solids Paper Pack - light blue paper

Anna Aspnes:
Stitched by Anna Borders Red - slightly altered
Page FotoBlendz No. 02 - photo mask

Journaling (from left to right, top to bottom):
"This is your sporty look, the look you are most comfortable with. You would wear a cap everywhere you went if I'd let you. But I don't..."

"This is your preppy look - a look that is new for you as you turned 14. You asked for some argyle sweaters for Christmas, and we obliged. This is a mother-approved look!"

"This is your goofy look, for lack of a better word. You got this a couple of Halloweens ago, and you love to put it on as a joke. You even create sideburns."

"This is your athletic look - another one that you definitely feel at home in. You've had this helmet for years now, and you refuse to get a new one. I admit, I do like the grunge."

"This is your trendy look - another new look this year. When you asked for a "faux"hawk, we were taken aback - so not in your character. You care much more about style lately."

"This is your typical 'guy' or 'school' look. Sometimes we call it the "need-a-haircut" look as you are usually begging for a haircut. It seems like we don't see this look very often anymore."