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Flamingo Plastica
Flamingoes arenít something you normally see in Oregon. Any part of Oregon. Not the beaches. And definitely not inland in the Willamette Valley, or near the hills in the rural part of Yamhill. Wait...all of Yamhill is rural. Anyway...couldnít believe these guys out in a field. What you canít see are the two goats they are sharing the field with. Real goats. I guess flamingo-ing is something you occasionally see around in front yards. I hear it even happens in offices. Itís a new way of raising money for different causes. When my daughter worked at Nike they were getting flamingoed in Customer Service. And then you pay to have the flamingoes removed. Hence the money raising. They were doing it for a local organization called the Childrenís Cancer Association. Awesome group of people there at the CCA. When I was younger (a teen-ager...okay, much younger) we did something like this, only we used toilet paper. And we didnít actually raise any money because we didnít remove the toilet paper. You know, from the trees and bushes and cars that belonged to certain houses. Okay. I guess it was really nothing like flamingo-ing, but it was a lot of fun. One time I was having a slumber party and we didnít have enough toilet paper to TP my boyfriendís house, so we went on a scavenger hunt for it. And we actually told people, ďYeah, youíll get it back when the scavenger hunt is done.Ē I donít think they believed us, so I didnít feel bad about it. Not returning the toilet paper, that is. I didnít feel bad about TPíing his house either if I stop and think about it. Which I donít often do. But, Iím thinking about it right now and Iím smiling. I donít think flamingoes would have been nearly as much fun. But they would have been great to have on the list. ďDo you have any empty mustard jars, a golf club, an English/French dictionary, dustmop, toilet paper or perhaps some pink flamingoes?Ē Yeah, I think we could have asked for the flamingo plastica and we still would have gotten what we needed for the task at hand..

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