Rachel has hit a lot of milestones this past week or two....signing, first word, walking....it's amazing how they can take a developmental leap.

Anna's Sketchy LoopDaLoops, Stitched White No. 1 and 4; K. Pertiet's Gator Kit, Stamped Stitched Flowers, Notebook Edges brush, Photo Corners Color No.1, Postage Strip Numbers; Patti's Acrylic Alpha; bits of other stuff Smile.

Rachel, you have changed so much recently. You started signing the words “eat”, “all done” and created your own for “mama”. Every time I would say “I’m Mommy”, I happened to touch my chest, indicating that I am your Mommy. Well, now that is your sign. What’s wonderful is that you started saying “Mama” right along with it. It’s your official first word, much to your Mommy’s pleasure. You have been taking steps for a bit now, but this week you started venturing out on your own. First steps, baby! You even learned to stand up without holding on. Rachel, you are growing and changing so much right before my eyes. We discovered your favorite place to stash items, between two couch cushions. It’s where I found my credit card this week, my little squirrel. You amaze me my darling daughter. Love you. xx