I don't think I've been able to work on this page today for more than 10 minutes at a time... CRAZY!

Aino's gallery is so awesome! I had 3 pages I wanted to lift and really couldn't decide which one... so I may do more!

This is her page I lifted:


Thanks for the inspiration, Aino!!!


Family photo taken in October 2010. It wasn't the best pose,

but it turned out to be the best photo of us! We all look relaxed here.

We all look like "us".

All DD Supplies:

Katie Pertiet

From my Bookshelf No2

L Automne Kit

From My Bookshelf Solids


PhotoClustersNo17 (took one frame)

Painted Leaves No1

Painted Leaves No2

Defining Words

2010 Postmarks

Clipped Alpha No1

Pattie Knox

Tie Em Ribbons

Anna ******

Stitched by Anna Borders White No2

Lynn Grieveson

Worn Page Edges No2

Thanks so much for looking!!