Our family always looks forward to a visit from, Monji, our Japanese 'brother'. His birth name is Toshiyuki Ichimonji but just Monji is more his style. In 1969 he traveled to California with a Japanese student group and became an honorary member of our family…almost 42 years ago. He didn’t return to Japan with his group, but stayed in California and attended the same college as my sister and me. He stayed for quite a few years before finally returning to Japan. Every few years we still get a visit from our Japanese brother. It seems he never ages except for the gray in his hair.

This photo (with my husband, Tom and my sister’s husband, Ravi) was taken on February 12, during Monji’s most recent trip to California. He was back in Japan when the earthquake and tsunami hit, but fortunately lives in Osaka, which wasn’t affected.

(Thank you, Fiona for your inspiration with the fun new binder ring books. I pretty much lifted your whole page!)


Katie Pertiet:
Binder Ring Books: Botanicals No. 01
Crumpled Cardstock Overlays No. 01
From My Bookshelf No. 02 Cardstocks
Twisted Stitches
Taped Together Photo Frames No. 01
Postcard Journalers No. 02
Assorted Tapes No. 03
Assorted Tapes No. 04
Totally Tied Up
Eat Cake Element Pack (RicRac)
Yarn Swirls
Thankful Memories Kit
Plane: Ad Inspiration 08.08.10

Anna Aspnes:
UpcycledART Xmas Paperie No. 01
DifferentStrokes No. 01 BrushSet
ArtPlay Palette Find My Way ValueSet (compass)

Ali Edwards:
Painted Christmas Words Brushes And Stamps
Remember This And That Element Collection

Lynn Grieveson:
Frayed Knots

Fonts: Times, DymoFont