I love watching my ds play basketball...I didn't know taking pictures could be so much fun...I have so many pictures of him jumping in the air it's awesome....I almost missed this shot though, because I was looking through the lens and it really is hard to watch all the action, sometimes I just press the shutter....this was one of those times...lucky for me...lucky for him (and me) he didn't get hurt here...lol


A Aspnes: 12 x 12 Foto Blendz Canvas Clipping Masks #2, Crumpled Neutrals, Sports Word Art #3, 10 AM Magic Sparkle Sampler

A Edwards: 10 pm A Edwards Journal Prompt (chat freebie), Story Strips

K Pertiet: Collageables #3 (staples), 1 pm KP Collageables (chat freebie)