who can forget this wonderful page posted by Shirley (squeak) exactly 365.1285439 days ago? Happy Pi Day
well, evidently not me. i loved every single bit of this page and the journaling almost brought me to tears of laughter. the many comments left on the page were almost as entertaining! when i saw how busy shirley has been with work i worried that she might not have the time to pay the apporpriate attention to Pi Day and decided to help her out. and so, Shirley (and Peter!) here is to you. i hope you find some time to enjoy one (or more) of your favorites; pumpkin, chicken pot, moon and most importantly, your sweetie!


Cassie "reciprocal of a rational fractional approximation of pi" Jones:
HDTD 01 Gaining Perspective
HDTD 18 Weaving Words
HDTD 13 Bending Shadows

KPertiet: Krafty Ledger, Editorial Inspiration 22810, Bead Scatterings2.

PKnox: Creature Stirring, FBF School Box.

LynnG: Spellbound Balloon

AAspnes: Heart Bokeh, Mod Clocks, Absstract Token Months Year 2011 Dotted LoopdaLoop.

Fonts: century gothic, elephant, codex, pencil.