My BF was dying to do this bike adventure down "the world's deadliest road" outside La Paz. I said, "go right ahead, but I'll be sitting this one out." Even got him to do the journaling.

It reads: Bolivia is about half Andean mountains and half Amazon basin and only a few roads to connect the two. The Yungas road, affectionately known as el Camino del Muerte, starts at the pass outside of La Paz with llamas grazing in the snow-dusted altiplano, and drops 12,000 feet over 30 miles to the next town in the jungle. We took off in the morning in full riding gear passing trucks as we plummeted down through the turns on the single lane dirt road that skirts the sheer cliffs. Hundreds of feet up... and hundreds of feet down... The frost and cold of morning in the high pass turned warm and humid as we descended, but the waterfalls cascading over the road cooled us down as we sped through them. Incredible sweeping vistas of the Andes were ample reward for the white-knuckle turns and scorched brakes.

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