Mel's Get it Together blog post regarding cook books was so timely as I start a cook book for a dear friend of mine, Tanya.

Her mum passed away last year of motor neurone disease and she wanted to leave a legacy of her mum so that my friend's young daughter will always remember her, and know her through her cooking. I was delighted when Tanya asked me to help her as she had no idea where to turn to put it together. So whilst Tanya has done all the hard yards, typing, scanning, etc. I just need to do the copy/pasting and presentation (the fun part!!). She'll have this book printed for their close family members too as a gift so that her mum lives on.

So I've found out from Tanya lots of things her mum loved - the oval shape, hence the frame (go figure!), traditional English cottage flowers, old kitchen utensils, Australian cottages, strong colours, green being her favourite, old buttons, embroidery - so the book will be a melting pot of all of these things, lets hope it works (it does in my head!!!).

Ali Edwards:
Evidence Paper Collection (paper blended)

Katie Pertiet:
Blessed Solids Paper Pack (paper blended)
Alandia Rancheros Element Pack
Vintage Journal Spots No. 03
Deckled Edge Journal Spots No. 01
Expressions Tapes
Conifere Kit (used the frame)

Pattie Knox:
Take a Bow! Ribbons and Bows Vol. 02

Fonts: Bickley Script and Adabi Condensed