I know that I write from the romantized view of a grandchild from what I remember hearing them tell me. But I thought it was SUCH a story. Companion to Soul Mates http://www.designerdigitals.com/digital-scrapbooking/ideas/showphoto.php?photo=150680
The courtship evolves in the usual slow, predictable, rhythmic pattern. He makes the formal calls to her home; takes tea under the scrutiny of her grandmother and aunts. They converse about music, literature, post war Germany. The two stroll through the family garden while watchful eyes stand barely concealed behind lace curtains. With the flick of an eye and a barely perceptible movement of her head the grandmother indicates her approval. Precious moments alone are stolen in the rarified atmosphere of the campus. Back, forth, over, under – the basic pattern emerges.

In 1921, Bruce has his B.S. in chemical engineering and is on faculty at the University of Texas as a chemistry tutor. Elinor is a senior, continuing her studies in biology and botany. They know that they will marry….some day. But a “dream come true” introduces a discordant thread into the pattern. Bruce is accepted into the Ph.D program at Yale University. His family disapproves (although the exact reason has been lost to time). It is not a family that devalues education, but perhaps the degree choice or the university is the issue. What is clear is that they offer no financial support. Her family is ecstatic but the couple cannot live on their enthusiasm. She is still in school. He cannot support a wife. She cannot ask him not to go. Back, forth, over under -how to weave these new threads into the design?

One thousand five hundred seventy eight miles: How does a couple maintain a relationship over that distance for 3 years? There is no internet; no social networking; no email. Telephones are in use but by no means did every household have one. Back, forth, over, under – the weaving now over a considerable distance, threads stretched thin, but a new design emerges.

They practice a communication skill that is almost forgotten in this day and time. They write letters….and cards….and notes on the back of a photograph. For Bruce takes pictures. He photographs his dorm, the faculty, the campus buildings and the train yards. He loans his camera to a friend, who takes his picture in front of the chemistry building. He grows a mustache because he thinks it makes him look distinguished. He shaves it off when she writes that it looks as if he is wearing a caterpillar on his lip. Back, forth, over under - at least once a week the missives cross each other in the mail.

Back, forth, over, under. She pursues her Master’s at UT, and tutors students in German to save for their future home. She makes at least two trips to the “East” to visit and he comes home for holidays when he can. The design is different, but it is strong, and clear and woven to endure. And then it is 1924. Both have graduated. Now their joy and their challenge is to learn to live together.

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