My first CT contest entry! Smile
Here's my lift of this sweet and simple page of Mollie's:

Used (some recolored) -
Lynn G's: Bisbee kit (flower); Sweet Madeline (staple); Sugar and Spice kit (yellow ribbon); Shiver (branch)
K.Pertiet's: Weathered Wood strips; Fastened Frames; Wood Grain Alpha No.1
Cathy Z's: Messy Slab Alpha
Anna Aspnes's: Stitched by Anna Borders No.1; 12x12 Artist Edges No.2
Michelle Martin's: Just Linens No.14 paper pack

You are almost 4. You are a big girl now according to you. And in some ways it’s true. You have grown and learned so much. Each day you use a new word that surprises me. You’ve correctly used words such as “recognize”, “ibuprofen”, and “frustrated.” You love the game “Mommy Monster.” Dresses, dolls, your animals, Playdoh, movies, puzzles, your kitchenette, and tricycle are some of your favorite things. You are imaginative, but even when you pretend play, you like to be in charge and tend to be a bit bossy with your fellow participants (poor little sister). You like to think you should always get your way and get a bit upset when we disagree. You are very good at expressing your feelings. Sometimes it’s hard for Mommy not to laugh when you say “You make me upset Mommy. You are not being nice to me. You need a time out and you only get one book tonight.” It’s eye opening to see my reflection in your words. Your logic has created some funny, memorable moments too. I once explained that Mommy sometimes has so much love and joy inside that it has to go out somewhere so it comes out in happy tears. You came out of the bathroom and said “I have so much poop to push out that I get happy tears.” You love to tickle and be tickled. This picture was one of those times. You constantly give me light in my life. Laura, you are my sunshine. I am blessed. xo Mommy.