Journaling reads: I look at this photograph of Rachel and Aubrey on graduation day, all smiles, getting ready to venture out into the world. I am reminded of the many years of evenings talking on the phone, overnight sleepovers, of birthday parties, shopping at the mall, rock concerts, talking about boys, giving tips on dating, crying on each others shoulders, and being silly and laughing until they are rolling on the floor. They have been there for each other, and I'm glad they will be remaining in San Diego at least for the next year or two, so as they venture out into the world, they will still be able to lean on each other, as best friends do.

Items used:
*Katie Pertiet*
Revival Paper Pack
Basic Twills: Plain
Art Class Frames No. 02
Notebook Edge Frames No. 03
Email Inspiration 70410
Zipper Pulls
Le Marche Kit
Metal Clip Assortment
*Michelle Martin*
Jelly Alphabet No. 03
*Anna Aspnes*
Hipster Plumes No. 28 BrushSet
Stitched by Anna White No. 01
Stitched by Anna White No. 03
*Pattie Knox*
Have a Heart Felts No. 02
Fonts: Stencil, The Blue Cabin, Joes Hand 2

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