Love this Day in the Life idea. I had lots of notes and lost them when I had to fix my iPhone. Oh well, I had half the day written on paper.

decide on Oysters Benedict and he gets Crabette Benedict which has hot peppers in it. We enjoy looking at the other guests and their food, and talk about mutual friends and their struggles. There seems to be a lot of it going round unfortunately. Would love to have the dessert, to share even !, but I know I'm full and so is he. Chocolate mousse with sour cherry sauce.

Leaving the restaurant, the museum is really getting crowded and it turns out there is a lecture on the photo exhibit. We pass but have a short visit in the gift shop. Always so many pretty things there and I check on the price of the Pantone coffee cups. $10 each but the colors aren't that appealing. Probably just as well.

1:30p.m. Drive home down JFX via MD Ave. New apartments in old building near UB law school. Once we get down onto 97 I realize how full I really am and am grateful I didn't have dessert! Almost doze in the car.

2:15p.m. Get home and see lots of crocus and daffodil buds coming up. Should rake leaves and clutter off them but not today. Read Saturday papers with Sunday inserts. Put clothes in washer and decide to take a nap on couch since sheets are in washer. Doze and sleep for two hours! This is so unusual for me and I realize how sleep deprived my arm is making me.

5:10p.m. Put clothes in dryer and add another load to washer. Go back and finish newspapers and think about dinner for him. He says he's not hungry so I go upstairs and work on OLW blog post for Tuesday. Take pillowcases our of dryer damp and hang on banister to dry smooth. Fix bed when sheets are dry.

6:45.p.m. He deciders to have cheese and crackers for 'dinner' and I settle for pot of tea and hot dog. We talk about the mess I have on both computers and iPhone after doing MobileMe upgrade. He says he didn't upgrade and I wish I hadn't. iPhone has NO events and only two calendars show up in settings. After reading on computer, and tweeting, I watch him install new blind in living room and finally leave because I don't want to watch. Stubborn man will not use stool and I say I'm not taking him to hospital if he falls off couch! I decide to go call Apple and take Macbook and iPhone up to iMac.

7:30 pm. I start call process to Apple and after 90minutes with tech talking to MobileMe via chat, I am worse off than before and still have no resolution. I hate MobileMe. I am so frustrated but he makes appoint for me at store on Sunday.

9:15p.m. I make myself hot chocolate and go to bed exhausted with frustration. Pray for patience.

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