Another story from my childhood.
Journaling reads: Growing up, I was one of 4 girls. On Christmas day, whoever got up first, would run out to see if Santa had come, and once we found out that in fact he had, we would quickly run to wake up the other sisters. We would tiptoe into our parents room to shake awake my mom. My dad didn’t always get up right away, but he would venture out typically once we were through our stockings, which were always checked out first. We knew we couldn’t wake them up if it was prior to 6:00am, but it would seldom be after 6:01am .

It seems when I was a kid, for a good many Christmases, I was so anxious about the day ahead, that I wouldn’t eat that much at dinner. For this reason, It never failed that in the early morning hours, I would wake up hungry. Any other day, I would run downstairs and grab something to eat, but being Xmas eve, as I ventured part way down the stairs, I would hear the rustling of papers. I would sit for a minute where no one could see, and angonize over my hunger, knowing that I would not be able to go downstairs as Santa was surely in the house, putting the presents under the tree. I would struggle through the night, eventually getting back to sleep, even though I was hungry, and end up feeling sick all of Christmas day. After about 3 years in a row of miserable Christmas days, I got smart and tucked away an apple in my room on Christmas eve - just incase. I still managed to be up before 6:00am each year, afterall, it was Christmas!

One year, my sister Sharon, and her husband Tom spent the night on Christmas eve, so that they would be there first thing Christmas morning to open presents with us 3 younger kids. It was the year after they had gotten married, so I was 16 years old. They set up sleeping bags on the living room rug. I woke up hungry, of course, at about 5:30am and figured I would go outs to grab some toast, and just gaze upon the tree before the day began. I ever so quietly tip-toed out to the foyer, but stopped short, as I saw some shiny moving objects at the edge of the living room. They were right in the middle of the opening to the living room, about 2 feet up from the floor. I stood there frozen for a long time, not knowing what these shiny objects could be. I eventually thought it best to venture up the stairs to wake up Toni. I told her about the shiny things, and asked if she would come down with me. We both, quietly, inched our way down the stairs. The shiny things were still there. We stood frozen, not knowing what to do. It was then that We heard a voice, a very quiet whisper, “are you girls getting up?” We almost screamed, but realized it was Tom. We rushed over to him. The shiny objects were the reflection on his glasses. It seemed that he too was anxious, and was sitting up in his sleeping bag, impatiently waiting for us girls to wake up so that we could open presents. I laughed at the thought that Tom, a young man in his twenties, would still get excited about Christmas morning. I giggled at the thought of him sitting in his sleeping bag, hoping and waiting for one of us girls to wake up and come out to see the tree. He was just a BIG KID! By then, we had made enough noise that mommy had woken up. It was not even 6 o’clock, but she went in and started a pot of coffee and we began our Christmas early.
Items used:
Days of December Layered Template Set No. 04 Katie Pertiet
Classic Cardstock: Christmas Katie Pertiet
Neutral Background Paper - Color Inspiration of 7-11-10 Katie Pertiet (recolored)
Spot Dots No. 17 Paper Pack Katie Pertiet
Holly Plume Overlays 12 X 12 Anna Aspnes
Stitched By Anna Borders White No. 01 Anna Aspnes
Basic Twills: Plain Katie Pertiet
Holiday Foliage Katie Pertiet
Fonts used: Astigma, and Pea Ink & Post
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