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If, as legend has it, soul mates are bound by an invisible thread, then by the time Elinor Rogers and Bruce Houston discovered each other, their lives had already been woven into a dense tapestry.

They meet at the University of Texas in 1919. Eyes lock across an outdoor water fountain. By nature he is an introvert but he is stricken by an out-of-character impulse to say hello. She is outgoing and sociable but suddenly shy. Will he think me forward? Back, forth, over, under.

The usual pleasantries are exchanged. Where are you from? San Antonio says he; Austin, not far from the campus, says she. What are you studying? Chemical Engineering says he; biology and botany says she. (Biology? Botany? Ah, intriguing, a woman who is interested in science. Brains and beauty.) Oh my, look at the time! Classes start soon and they must go their separate ways, but not before arranging to meet again. Back, forth, over, under.

Commonalities are explored - love of reading, of learning, of classical music, of being outdoors. Her playful streak brings out a side of him hidden since childhood, and shown to very few people. His serious nature encourages her to study (although she is already a good student). He loves her hair; she loves his eyes. Both like structure and routine. Back,forth, over, under.

Points of tension arise. He is from a wealthy, influential family and is expected to marry well. She fears his family finds her lacking. Her family is comfortable but far from wealthy. Social class differences are a formidable obstacle, but he has no desire to “hobnob with the nabobs.” I love you not your money or position, says he. He walks away from the family fortunes, and while there are things he will regret in his life, choosing to be with her is never one of them. Back, forth, over, under.

Back, forth, over, under. Warp and weft: the strong commonalities the warp; the differences and tensions the weft, filling in the pattern of two lives. Intricate, complicated, multi-dimensional, year after year. Together they weave a tapestry of love.

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