It is getting tougher and tougher to finish these pages, but I made a promise to myself to finish something that I could get printed through shutterfly.

Journaling reads: On Christmas Eve, Rachel would be so excited that Santa would be coming that night. She would gaze at the Christmas tree and talk about Santa coming, and how she hoped he got her what she wished for. She would also see all the gifts which Grandma and Papa had sent, laying under the tree, and would plead with me to open one of these gifts so that she would have something to help her get through the night waiting for Santa. Although this was never a tradition for either Ron’s family or mine, I had a number of friends that did open one family gift the night before, and decided this could be our new tradition. Knowing what gift was what, I would be certain to steer her toward a gift that was a toy, rather than clothes, so that she would have something new and exciting to pass the time that evening.

After dinner, we would see if we could locate Santa on the internet using NORAD. She would stare at the screen and jump around and squeal that he was heading our way. She could hardly contain herself. Of course, I would tell her the thing that all parents tend to say“the sooner you get to bed, the sooner Santa will be here”.

We would go to the kitchen and pull out our special Santa plate, the one that we had won at a guinea pig show. We placed on it few of whatever cookies we had baked that year. We also placed a glass of milk. Rachel also felt it was important to give Santa a gift as well, so she would put next to the plate a special item she had made. Filled with excitement, she would reluctantly go to bed.

Come Christmas morning, Rachel would notice the cookies and milk gone, and would say she hoped Santa liked her gift to him. I would smile and tell her I was sure he had.

Unfortunately one day, Rachel did venture into a seldom used drawer looking for a battery for one of her toys, she pulled out one of the gifts she had made for Santa over the years. She rushed over to me in tears showing what she had found. I hugged and kissed her and explained Santa was so busy one year that he had left it behind in his rush to get all the gifts delivered to all the little boys and girls throughout the world. She thought about this for a bit, and eventually said that she was sad that Santa didn’t get her gift. I told her we should leave it again this coming year, she gave me a big kiss, smiled, and ran off.

Items used:
Days of December Layered Template Set No. 04 Katie Pertiet
Classic Cardstock: Christmas Katie Pertiet
Neutral Background Paper - Color Inspiration of 7-11-10 Katie Pertiet (recolored)
Spot Dots No. 17 Paper Pack Katie Pertiet
Holly Plume Overlays 12 X 12 Anna Aspnes
Stitched By Anna Borders White No. 01 Anna Aspnes
Basic Twills: Plain Katie Pertiet
Fonts used: fg quesnell, Pea Faye

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