So I took these pictures on Monday because I wanted to get shots of Dean in his new shirt. I had made it Sunday afternoon for him and was loving the colors SO much, I wanted happy pictures of him in it...He had other ideas though, he did NOT want his picture taken. Period. So I got a lot of Dramatic Dean tantrums and pouty faces. While fighting with him in the kitchen today, I realized that those pictures would do a much better job telling the story of our recent battle with food, and Anna's new template (coming tomorrow!) just sort of fell into my lap and the rest is history.

Katie Pertiet:
Gator Crossing Kit
Little Snips Alphabet
Digital Poetry: Dates

Anna Aspnes:
Artsy Layered Template No. 19
Multimedia Flowers (i know, they have nothing to do with crocodiles, food or my boy, but they were too pretty to resist...:P)
ArtPlay Palette Cuisine Add-On BrushSet
ArtPlay Palette BBQ ValueSet
ArtPlay Palette Cuisine ValueSet
Cuisine WordART No. 01
Stitched by Anna Bitz White No. 01

Lynn Grieveson:
Beth Kit
Emily Kit