Just having a little fun with the JMT challenge....thanks for the awesome challenge!

The letter Q is certainly not the MVP of the alphabet. In fact, it is usually “riding the pine” right next to the X. However, in our house the Q seems to take center stage.

Your dad named you and I happen to love the name as well. When we told people you would be named “Quinn” if you were a boy, we got some mixed feedback. Most people said they loved the name. When we told GMa, she had a blank look on her face. You see she always finds a special bible verse to go with each letter of her grandchildren’s names. She knew immediately that Q would be a tough one. Rest assured, she did find one though. Then there was Grandpa Wayne, we realized that when you received your first card that he had “troubles” with the letter Q. His Q looked like the number 2. When I asked him about it, he said “what does a Q look like”. When I showed him, he responded with “when did they start making them like that” (I’m not kidding). The next item you received clearly showed that Grandpa Wayne was trying...he had an “O” with a slash through the top. He is a work in progress.

At home, you have come to many nicknames because of the Q. My favorites are Q-ball, Q-school (golfing term), Q - bert and just plain Q. Fritz, our neighbor took a trip to a motorcycle convention last summer and came home with a tiny motorbike that he insisted that he had to get for you because it had your name on it...”Q-50”.

When compared with the rest of the alphabet, the Q takes a back seat but that certainly is not the case around here. Our Q is front and center....our Q has three women doting on him all day long, our Q spreads happiness and sunshine...not to mention a couple of dimples wherever he goes, our Q is full of energy and likes to be in the middle of everything. There is no doubt about it...the letter Q is a special letter and it fits you perfectly.

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