I scraplifted this layout from one by Kayleigh titled “Today” featured here in the Designer Digitals Gallery. Thank you for such beautiful inspiration! And thanks for looking.

Blue paper: A Victoria Color - aqua
White paper: K Pertiet Simple Comforts paper 2
Alpha paper: Creashens Rewind Freebie
Ribbon: L Grieveson Worn Strips 4-11
Tag: K Pertiet Baby Buddies elements
Date strip: K Pertiet Date Strips
Buttons, sweet, memories, brushwork, yellow dot ribbon: Studio Double D Layer Works Layered Template No 8
Butterfly cutup: K Pertiet CutUps Springtime
Butterfly stamp: K Pertiet Spring Wings No2-1
Owl: K Pertiet Owlie Epoxies
Red stitches: K Pertiet Flossy Stitches
Stitching: A Aspnes Stitched by Anna White No 1-12, No 3-3, No 4-3, No 4-5, Art Play Palette

Kylie and I got to play on our porch today. There are still frozen patches of snow on it but for the most part, the deck is clear. Kylie was most interested in playing with the wind chimes. But she couldn't quite reach them. She poked around in her outdoor toy box and came back with her trusty broom. She climbed back up and brushed the chimes with the bristles. After hitting and listening to the chimes several times, Kylie looked over at me and said, "This is how I say I love you in Chima". I asked, "China?" and she said, "No, Chima. Windchimes Mommy. This is how I say I love you in Chima.” How blessedly sweet is that?!