Purging, cleaning out, organizing...always makes me stop, think and reflect - probably a little too much! Wink

Cathy Zielske:
Cathy Zielske's Layered Template No. 67

Michelle Martin:
Ingrid Kit

"Then" Journaling:
1. I mixed formula, warmed bottles, and made my own baby food to freeze in cubes and thaw when needed - for 5 years in a row.
2. I kept track of which nipples, caps, lids, suction valves and straws fit on each baby bottle and sippy cup.
3. In this drawer there was always a supply of soft, heat-indicating baby spoons, toddler spoons designed so the Cheerio sticks rather than falls back into the milk, and fun bigger kid silverware on hand.
4. This drawer was our go-to spot for the middle of the night fevers, earaches, allergic reactions - it held our medicine syringes & spoons.
5. Our lives revolved around babies, feeding, sleeping (or lack thereof), teething, maturing immune systems, and slobbery smiles.

"Now" Journaling:
1. I mix up batches cookies with 3 very eager helpers, warm leftovers, pizzas and taquitos, and make my own stock for soup.
2. I keep track of the random places I might find the kids’ Nalgene and Camelbak water bottles (note to self : look under Noah’s bed).
3. This drawer now houses my most necessary smaller kitchen gadgets: garlic press, cookie scoops, graters, peelers, beaters.
4. Most of this drawer’s usage occurs during the late afternoon as I cook dinner. However, on occasion, it might see some late night action when an ice cream scoop is mandatory.
5. Our lives revolve around picky eaters, jokes, pranks, stinky socks and piled high laundry...and finally, an era where we can look outside of ourselves and work to serve and love others.

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