This is my first full year participating in Project 365. Living in New England provides me with many "low light opportunities". At our house that means, interesting beer bottle labels. You'd be surprised what you can find there! So when I saw the JMT challenge on the blog this evening, I knew exactly where it would take me!

"last time i checked there was no “r” in the officially accepted spelling of massachusetts. however, being the state that is famous for dropping its “r’s” perhaps eurobrews decided to help us pahk cahs in hahvad yahd and wish hahd for summah. or just perhaps spellcheck hasn’t yet found its way to masham, north yorkshire. too hahd to say.


AAspnes: LoopedaLoopDotted1.

MMartin: Alphabetized Overlyays.

AVictoria: Ombrecnw.

KPertiet: PhotoClustersNo.3, ADInspiration11710Alpha.

PKnox: FastnIts Hanger.

Fonts: Century Gothic, Elephant.