I know - another one with lots of journaling.

Journaling reads: I don’t remember ever going out to pick out a Christmas tree until after my mom married Bert. He would make it a big event, having us all pile in the car to head down to the center of Woodbridge, where there was a tree lot set up right next to the Library. We spent quite a bit of time picking out the perfect tree, with no bald spots, and a nice straight top. The trees we picked out were usually about 6 or 7 feet tall. We would choose a Nobel Pine, as they seemed to give us plenty of room between the branches for the ornaments to hang, plus their branches were usually strong enough to handle the heavier ornaments as well.

I do, however, remember one year that we didn’t buy a real tree. Not only was it not a real tree, but it was a metal (silver to be exact) tree. I didn’t really like the tree, but in the long run, we figured it would be cheaper than purchasing a new tree each year. It was very 60’s. I recall coming home one day to the tree being on its side. We quickly rushed to it and found that a good many of our ornaments had broken. It seems its base was not real solid. We had always feared this might happen to one of our trees some day, and this year it had. We girls were very upset, and in tears we called our mom at work. She told us we would put it back up, and make it prettier than before. On her way home She bought three boxes of new ornaments which were simple small glass balls. They were either round or a ball with points on top and bottom. Each ornament had at least two colors that were separated by lines of glitter. Some of these ornaments also had concave star-bursts, which reflected the light nicely, while others had little flowers painted on them. Even with 3 boxes of the same ornaments, I never felt like we had too many of one design on the tree as they were still uniquely different in that there were so many color variations to the two shapes. I loved these ornaments and took a few to add it to my own ornament collection. Now each time I spot one of these ornaments, I don’t think about the tree that fell, but I am reminded by all of our wonderful Christmases we had growing up & how great my mom made them.

Items used:
Days of December Layered Template Set No. 04 Katie Pertiet
Classic Cardstock: Christmas Katie Pertiet
Neutral Background Paper - Color Inspiration of 7-11-10 Katie Pertiet (recolored)
Spot Dots No. 17 Paper Pack Katie Pertiet
Holly Plume Overlays 12 X 12 Anna Aspnes
Stitched By Anna Borders White No. 01 Anna Aspnes
Christmas Memories Collection Katie Pertiet
Basic Twills: Plain Katie Pertiet
Fonts: Pea Carlisle, Broadsheet LDO, Brody

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