This looks like the weekend for posting pages of DD'ers meeting up with each other in person! Smile Here is the right page of a two-pager that documents my meeting with Kim (kimbe), a really wonderful person who has become a good friend.

The two pages side by side can be seen on the left page.

Journaling for this page reads:
"The past few weeks have been pretty brutal at work for both of us. We’d been joking about this as a cure, but seriously, what could be a better cure for the workplace blues than chocolate and margaritas? We spent quite a bit of time in the Ghiardelli Chocolate shop, drooling over their offerings, and buying a few things, and then on to the Buena Vista Cafe for a much-needed margarita (well, diet Coke for me--I was driving!)

It was such a joy to meet her in person; I feel like I’ve known her for years! I hope we can meet up again soon!"

Credits for both pages are listed on the left page.

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