When I saw this fabulous layout by Adryane, I knew that I needed the Layered FotoBlendz Clipping Masks No. 06...

Stroke inspired by the thread on finishing layouts. Thanks, Amy!

I guess you can't make a layout much simpler than this, but I'm calling it a day.

Supplies: See above. Smile (all DD)

J had so much fun today when I pretended I couldn't see after M knocked the cap into my eyes. I "collided" with things all the way home. She was laughing for 10 minutes straight. So I pretended I wanted to take her photo, and turned in the opposite direction of her. She thought it was so funny. Then I quickly turned her way to get this shot. And while I have photos of her from this day that are more beautiful than this, this one just captures her mood and everything about that situation perfectly. It's so great that I can make her laugh. Just wait until she becomes a teenager. If I try something like this then, I'm sure she will just roll her eyes, and mumble something about her mom being the silliest mom ever, and how can she ever bring her friends over when I'm like that. Wink