Thanks to Patricia for the fun prompts she shared with us for this PageKraft challenge—both from Cathy Zielske and from the NY Times:


I don’t often write love letters to inanimate objects, but you were something special. The very thought of you brings to mind dozens of lively memories. As I recall our days together, I feel the rush of youth. Remember the big, double hill in front of our house? I bet we walked up, and rode down, that hill at least a thousand times during my childhood. If the snow was just right, and I got a good running start, we would sail down both hills without hesitation--it almost felt like flying! Sometimes my sister wanted to ride too. She sat in front because my legs were longer and my boots could reach to steer . Once, all of the neighbors--Moms, Dads, and kids-- went sledding behind the church--that hill was wide enough for racing. You also carried my own children down snow-covered hills until we bought plastic sleds--for the record, I prefer your good, old-fashioned style. Just wanted to say thanks for all the swell times. Fondly, The little girl with the red boots

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