We Met On A Sunset Cruise

It was a clear and starry night in the Bay Area on November 23, 1985. I was living in San Francisco at the time but came across the bay for a friend’s going away party and what promised to be a fun sunset cruise down the Alameda Channel. The leisurely cruise soon turned into a party boat with the effects of free-flowing spirits. So I wasn’t sure if the guy who kept looking my way was interested in me, or just staring off in some type of stupor with a happy grin on his face. Turned out to be a little bit of both.

The evening went on, we all had fun, but I still had not met this mystery man until he asked our mutual friend to introduce us. His name was Tom and he took my hand, which I thought was so very charming and sweet until he didn’t let it go and then I realized he had probably taken advantage of those free-flowing spirits. When I reclaimed my hand we exchanged phone numbers but I then headed back across the bay, more interested in another date I had later that night in San Francisco. Funny how things work out sometimes. That date just didn’t click and I found myself thinking about the cute guy from the boat party. A week later (a decent time interval; I didn’t want to seem too interested), I decided to give Tom a call. Much to my relief he sounded happy to hear from me and we made a date for the very next weekend!

Still holding hands 25 years later


*Photo is from the internet, but is pretty close to the beautiful view on the night we met. Wish I had taken some photos back then.

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