Probably my longest list of supplies since I filled that little jar up with goodies. Thanks for looking! ~Amy Smile

I just want to bottle you up at this moment in time. At this age, you are such a pleasure to spend my time with. You make me laugh every day with your imagination and creativity. Just this morning you said “Mommy - my toes are sparkling” (they were asleep!) You come up to me at random points during the day and say “I love you SO much, Mommy” or “Mommy, will you snuggle with me?” Your teachers tell me that you make them laugh and that you are so polite. I am so proud of you, Miss Lily, my little sweetheart.

Classic Cardstock Snow Fun
Little Hearts Word Art
Bead Scatterings No1
Pick Me Up Word Tapes
Eat Cake Pebbles
Christmas Memories words
You and Me Buttons and Word Strips
Color Challenge 62010 (fleur de lys)
MyWonderful Adventure Epoxies
Pelican Park Epoxies
Little Layette Epoxies
Caught on Film LT

La Tour Eiffel
LoopdaLoop Melange No1

DIY Preserved Memories LT

Linnea Kit
Ingrid Epoxies
Samma Kit (paper and bow)

Sweet Madelin Remix word tags
Santas Stockings
Pippin Kit
Spellbound Fairy

MiniKraft Tags