Journaling reads: While at Kent State University, in the mid-seventies, I lived in Barberton, in a house that most people would consider a shack. money was really tight, as I only worked part-time at Angie’s Pizza. The house was a little 4 room structure whose rooms were no more than 8’x8’. Even though this house was in the snow belt of Ohio, typically geting a few inches of snow most each and every day, I do not believe it had any insulation in the walls. It was, located in the country, on a few acres, surrounded by huge evergreen trees. Being a starving student, I remember some days only having enough money to buy dog food for Rascal, our Saint Bernard mixed mutt. On those days where I counted my pennies and put 37 cents into the gas tank of my 124 Spider, I often times would pull out my Joy of Cooking book, to figure out how to make something with the few staples I did have in the kitchen. On days I worked, if I was lucky, I could take home whatever takeout meals had not been picked up from the restaurant.

During the holiday season, there was no way that I could afford a Christmas tree. I was surrounded by huge fir trees, but no seedlings that I could cut down. These gigantic trees were magnificent, easily 40 feet tall, if not taller. I wondered if it would work to saw off a bottom branch from one of these trees. I went out to investigate, and pulled a branch up to see how full the underside was, and found it was absolutely beautiful. Sawing off the branch, I hoped it wouldn’t turn out to be a Charlie Brown tree. I took it into the living room and using twine tied around the center of the branch, nailed the twine to the wall to keep it standing upright, with the base of the branch in a water filled bucket. It didn’t look like a branch at all. It looked like a perfect little three foot fir tree. I decorated the tree with whatever I could find. I don’t recall if I even put lights on it, but I do remember that it made that Christmas season special, even if I was struggling money wise, the tree gave me hope that the New Year would be better.

Items used:
Days of December Layered Template Set No. 04 Katie Pertiet
2 Celebrate Paper Pack Katie Pertiet
Spot Dots No. 17 Paper Pack Katie Pertiet
Background Beige paper from Katie Pertiet - Color Inspiration Paper Pack 7-11-10 (drastically recolored)
Stitched By Anna Borders White No. 01 Anna Aspnes
Classic Cardstock: Christmas Katie Pertiet
Fonts used: Pea Hart & Home Remedy

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