Journaling reads: My grandmother (Nonnie) was born in Italy, and immigrated to America in 1891. All her siblings were born in the U.S., in New Haven, CT. She never learned to drive, she was a woman who spent her live caring for others. Being the oldest, she watched over her siblings and then, once married, she took care of her husband and children in a time when it was all up to the woman of the house to do all the cooking, cleaning and caring for the family.

Nonnie and I had a great connection, and I loved spending time with her. I would listen to stories about my dad growing up, and story about my grand-father, both whom had left this earth when I was young. She was amazing in the kitchen, cooking everything from scratch, and did beautiful crochet and tatting work. She taught me how to do both, in fact, of all her grand-children, I was the only one who wanted to learn to tat, and spent the time to do so.

Now, I tat, thinking about my younger life. I think a lot about Nonnie, and wish she was still alive. Such a wonderful soul that I miss each and every day. I tat all the time, but at christmas time, I like to tat a red and green bookmark, thinking about my dear Nonnie with each and every knot, wishing she was sitting beside me telling me one of her wonderful stories.

Items used:
Days of December Layered Template Set No. 04 Katie Pertiet
2 Celebrate Paper Pack Katie Pertiet
Spot Dots No. 17 Paper Pack Katie Pertiet
Background Beige paper from Katie Pertiet - Color Inspiration Paper Pack 7-11-10 (drastically recolored)
Stitched By Anna Borders White No. 01 Anna Aspnes
Classic Cardstock: Christmas Katie PertietChristmas Memories Collection Katie Pertiet
Fonts: Pea Chrissi and Webster

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