Revisting 1992. My two back as little ones sharing a smooch. She was 4-years-old and he just a tiny one-year-old. She was the mother hen always looking out for his well being and directing and guiding him and making sure he didn't get hurt. She was always one to give him a sweet 'ole 'smooch' to let him know he was loved.

Fast forward 2011. She is now 22 and he 19 and they share an apartment while attending college and carrying full class loads and working three jobs between them...........somedays they don't always feel the love for one another as siblings and roommates. .........Excuse me, while I go back to 1992 for a bit longer.
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Katie Pertiet
Chipboard Alpha White
WordStrip Labels No. 03
Loosley Labeled Dates

Anna Aspnes
ArtPlay Palette Smooch
Stitched By Anna White No. 03
Stitched by Anna Overlays No. 01
Love WordTransfers No. 01
HeARTist Edges No. 01

Ali Edwards
Little Bit of Messy Love Brushes and Stamps

Gretchen Thomas
Hand Drawn Heart Brushes