I have really come to love the Boxer breed. They are big, silly, goofy, dogs that think they can be a lap dog. They are so strong, and determined, athletic, afectionate, and oh so loyal and willing to please. I do believe, however, he would be too much of a dog for me, as they require lots of exercise, and lot of companionship. It is fun to watch him with his owner, and he is just so goofy when playing with you or other dogs, I end up laughing just to watch him. I am lucky to have learned about the breed from him.

Journaling reads:
I always carry my 5D with me, especially at the stable and for this reason, I often am asked to do a shoot of peoples horses. This December, Patti and John asked me to shoot Bryce so the photos could be used on a breeder's website. Although Patti no longer shows boxers, she has written two books on the breed, and truly love them. Bryce is John's dog, and they are hoping to get the pick of a liter, where Bryce is the stud dog. John was called away as I began shooting, so he had no idea of the magnitude of shots taken. Bryce had no intention on sitting for a pose. I got active, and silly and sweet shots waiting for Bryce to settle down. Once John came back, I was also lucky enough to catch a few candids of John interacting with Bryce, without John knowing. I especially love the two shots with John & Bryce as it clearly shows the special bond they have.

Items Used:
Days of December Layered Template Set No. 04 Katie Pertiet
Spot Dots No. 17 Paper Pack Katie Pertiet
Background Beige paper from Katie Pertiet - Color Inspiration Paper Pack 7-11-10 (recolored)
Basic Twills: Plain Katie Pertiet
Stitched By Anna Borders White No. 01 Anna Aspnes
Classic Cardstock: Christmas Katie Pertiet
Wild Horses Kit Katie Pertiet
La Cremerie: Fraise Kit Katie Pertiet
Dog Park Kit Katie Pertiet
Fonts: Fontasia & Pea Bandit

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