Saturday Scraplift No. 191

Rough, rough week! Something I've been working on since before Christmas keeps failing in the most spectacular ways. I have to start over again each time it fails, only to have it fail again in a new way. I just checked on some results earlier this morning (yes, it's Saturday, yes, I work weekends more often than I'd like), and learned that it had failed AGAIN! Argh! I suppose there is some validity to that old joke: "That's why they call it REsearch, because you have to re-do and re-do and re-do..." Sigh. Anyway, it's the weekend and I hereby give myself permission to take a break for the rest of it and throw myself back into things on Monday.

So, the story with this photo: I seem to be fixated on trying to salvage bad photos lately! I'm also on some sort of "The Kitty in the Whatever" kick. I just did a page called The Kitty and the Caimen; hmm, maybe it's alliteration that I'm in love with. Anyway, this is a picture of our big calico cat trying to "hide" under our Christmas tree. She just loooooved our tree, but as I explain in the journaling, when you're 20 pounds of orange and white, it's difficult to hide anywhere, let alone under something green! On the one time I had my camera when she was under the tree, she kept moving just a bit each time I'd hit the shutter button, so all of my photos of her came out blurry. :-( I really need to take a photography course, but I digress...And how is it that cats just know when you expect something of them? With my trusty camera at my side, I kept waiting for her to crawl under the tree again, but she was having none of that. Oh well, next year for a better photo! For this year's photo, I dressed it up with a few Photoshop filters and used Candy's fab page as inspiration and ended up here.

Journaling reads:
"Baibin thought she was so sneaky, hiding under the Christmas tree, but when you’re 20 pounds of orange and white, it is rather difficult to hide under anything, let alone something green! She had the last laugh, though--my photos of her all came out dark and blurry! I waited for her to crawl under the tree again, my camera at the ready. Somehow she knew this, as I would catch her looking at the tree, then looking at me with my camera, then back at the tree again. She would take a moment to groom a paw, and with a haughty “Humph!” at my camera, she would turn and saunter off. I'll get you next year, my pretty! December 27, 2010"

Okay, off to enjoy the weekend and NOT work! Smile

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