I have had hiccups all the way through this pregnancy but the closer we get the more my body seems to break. I got some not so good test results on the weekend so while I promised myself not to gloss over anything while documenting this pregnancy, here's how I was feeling (i.e sorry for myself.. lol).

Although I have to say the carpal tunnel I currently have in both wrists is frustrating me more as it means very limited computer (scrapbooking) time! LOL

Only 6 weeks to go!!

Thanks for looking. Smile

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I am so tired. So very, bone weary tired. I'm tired because I have a severe iron deficiency. I'm tired because my thyroid levels have plummeted. I'm tired because I have a vitamin d deficiency. I'm tired because I have become a pin cushion lately. I'm tired because I have to have more appointments. I'm tired because I'm worried. I'm tired because my body aches. I'm tired because I am frustrated. I'm just so tired. However I am excited because there are only 6 weeks to go until you arrive little man and that is enough to give me just a burst of energy.