I chose this gorgeous one by Anke:


Love the colors, blending and use of elements.....so beautiful.

"It amazes me how much of Grandpa I see in Jack. Grandpa always had this mischievous look in his eyes; like he was up to something. Jack has that same look (and he is almost always up to something). Von has Jim’s kind eyes. Those eyes reflected his kind, sweet soul.

I find comfort in the fact that whenever I miss Grandpa or Jim all I have to do is look at my boys......my two reminders."

Anna Aspnes:
ArtPlay Palette Celebrate ValueSet
MYO Timeline BrushSet No. 01

Michelle Martin:
Ingrid Kit (gray paper)

Katie Pertiet:
Sign Maker Alphabet: Red
Wire Rimmed Alphabet No. 01
Wooden Alphabet (screw)
Tied Fasteners

Andrea Victoria:
Be Bright paper (black)

(I have no idea where I got the heart from - sorry)