I am starting to scrap our son Brian's long ago pictures. He is the opera singer. He has copious pictures from all that he has done and wants them scrapped.

Trouble...he is VERY hard to please. Good in a lot of aspects of life, not so much when mom is trying to scrap for him!!! LOL He really isn't that bad, actually, I just like to complain about him!!

He does not want journaling. A plus and minus for me. It took me forever to start journaling on LO's and now I know that it is really important. But he says it interrupts his feelings when he sees the page. He just wants to let the pictures take him back and let his mind go there. OK. See what I mean? But to each his own. Easier on ole mom, though!

He LIKES this one. Hates the picture. It was years ago and he has dropped forty-five pounds!! I am on a roll here!! Wish me luck!! LOL


Michelle Martin
Just Linens Paper Pack No. 13
Jelly Alphabet No. 13

Debbie Hodge
Get It Scrapped Sketch No 39

Font: Swenson

Mary Ann Wise: Inspiration Challenge Feb 2, 2009