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The Gentle Barn is an animal sanctuary for horses, a donkey, cows, chickens, turkeys, peacocks, dogs, cats, pigs, and a single emu named Yoda. The owners rescue abused & abandoned & neglected animals. On Sundays they open the farm up to the public. All the animals live there for the rest of their lives, and are treated well and humanely. On this visit, both kids fell in love with Addison the donkey, Patches the horse, and Yoda the Emu.

At the stable, we bought bags of carrots to feed the horses, who gently took them out of our hands. Arren in particular made friends with Addison and his stable mate, a miniature horse who’d been abused by his alcoholic owner. Nerys & Arren were allowed to brush Patches, a paint/Shetland cross.

The turkeys were a hit, too. Both kids got the turkeys to talk back to them to the amusement of everyone in the barnyard.

The Grande Dam of Gentle Barn is Bhudda, an elderly cow seen in this picture. She has arthritis, but is a gentle giant. She’s one of the first cows they rescued.

The kids & I also visited with two of the newest Barn cows--two calves who had been kept in boxes for veal production. They were dying & their bodies were twisted. They couldn’t walk or get up. But they’re almost well now. Their backs are straight, and they can walk. Their fur is soft, and they seemed to love all the loving attention we and many other visitors gave them.


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