The photography of Vivian Maier is nothing short of sensational.

While mine does in no way do her justice, I was very inspired by Nana z, Kelly, Adryane and Marnie and their Ode's to Vivian.

So here I am with my attempt at a tribute to this wonderfully gifted photographer.

The three photos were all taken walking along the streets of Tokyo on a Sunday morning in 2007. While Japan keeps its youth in strong check and wearing school uniforms and complying to strict regulations during the week, during weekends large groups of teenagers gather near public parcs and shrines. They seem to have their own dresscode, inventing the strangest combinations and invoking fairytale like images, although mostly tainted with a darker goth layer. Around 4 in the afternoon you'd see them all changing back into their regular clothes and board the trains back to their subburbs and boarding schools.

Thank you all so much for the inspiration.


Michelle Martin, Colbie Solids Paper Pack

Thank you all for looking.