I've made a similar cover to my 2009 book. It's 8x10. I have 360 pages (a page per day but I missed some days) and because it is so big I will print with Blurb.
It is now all done and proof read and ready to print - yay! (I haven't posted the pages here because they don't use any product - they are just a photo and date and journaling).
Twisted Strips No. 01
magic flare from Magic FotoBlendz Layered Template Album: Part 01 12 X 12
Naturally Krafty No. 07 Paper Pack
ETA: If you'd like to see a preview, send me your email via pmail. Blurb doesn't have a regular preview without an option to buy - well, not that I can find - so I don't want to open it to everyone.