Waiting for the water around our business to subside after the second flood peak overnight. Nothing to do but wait, so I thought I would use some time to get my P365 project started.

I wanted to have something a bit "scrappier" this year. After a few weeks, I should have enough "templates" or options made to have my portrait/landscape ratio covered for the year, and then I'll just swap photos and labels and embelishments. I have decided to go with days, not weeks, this year, even though I'll still do them in groups of 7.

The black car at the bottom was my brothers 40th Birthday cake for his surprise party that didnt happen Sad


Michelle Matin
Just Linens No 6

Anna Aspnes
Stitched by Anna White No 7

Katie Pertiet
Bradded Photo Frames No 1
Brushed Alpha No 3
Loosely Labeled Alpha No 2
Spots Dots Brushes No 6
On the Go Kit
Party Pennents
Painted Edgers No 4

Thanks for looking Smile

Next week will have some more flood photos, I have kept up despite everything going on.