Waiting for the water around our business to subside after the second flood peak overnight. Nothing to do but wait, so I thought I would use some time to get my P365 project started.

I wanted to have something a bit "scrappier" this year. After a few weeks, I should have enough "templates" or options made to have my portrait/landscape ratio covered for the year, and then I'll just swap photos and labels and embelishments. I have decided to go with days, not weeks, this year, even though I'll still do them in groups of 7.

This is my 1/1/11 photo, and will be the title page for our book.


Michelle Matin
Just Linens No 6

Anna Aspnes
Stitched by Anna White No 7

Katie Pertiet
Beachy Clusters No 2
Bradded Photo Frames No 1
Loosely Labeled Alpha No 2
BookPlate Notes No 2

Thanks for looking Smile