Trying to get back into the habit of telling some of my childhood stories as well as just focussing on the present day. This one is all about a much simpler life back than and ties in with this recent blog post.

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Snow was very much a rarity during both the English and German Winters I experienced as a child, so when the snow came Sarah and I were eager to play. We spent much of our childhood playing outside. It was encouraged by my parents to be active, use our imaginations, and breathe the fresh air outdoors. Of course, it was safe in those days, not like today when all mothers worry about someone snatching their child away, We lived on various Royal Air Force Bases in Germany close to the Dutch border. IRA terrorist threats during this time meant that all theses bases were heavily armed and cars entering the base were searched for undercarriage bombs. So, yes, I consider that we were relatively safe. I remember my Mum often saying to us when were were bored, or getting under her feet, “Go play on the runway.” She didn’t mean it literally, of course. It was her way of saying, go find something to do. We didn’t have all the video games or non-stop entertainment that is available today. On demand TV and DVRs did not exist and so we had to use our imaginations a lot more, to entertain ourselves. Life was a lot more simple. The opportunity to build a snowman was an exciting adventure and even a luxury. And I can’t remember even minding the cold that my two do. Times have definitely changed in the last 30 years.
Photo: Mid 1980s Filed: 7 January 2011