My version of the Saturday Scraplift..............wonderful inspiration. A photo of my daughter from the other day and a few bits and pieces of my thoughts.
Thanks for looking.

•Love your smile in this photo.
•Love how happy you are…………..this was not the face from a few hours earlier.
•Love that you faced your fears and challenges.
•Love that as I hugged you and wished you good luck and whispered, ‘I love you’ you took a deep breath as you walked out the door.
•Love that you texted, ‘I’m here’ when you arrived.
•Love that I texted back, ‘Be confident. One question at a time. Love you.’
•Love the happy voice I heard on the phone three hours later, ‘Mom, I passed!’ and then you cried.
•Love that the stress of that test is over for you……………..and ME too.
•Love that you are now certified with the College of Sports Medicine as a Health and Fitness Instructor.
•Love that you look forward to graduation in May with a job and a future plan.
•Love how disciplined and mature you have become.
•Love how you still need your mom.
•Love who you are.
•Love who you are becoming.

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