I really loved this challenge! I used an action called "Old West" from Pioneer Woman because it lent an air of melancholy and nostalgia you get from a sepia conversion yet it leaves a bit of color which I found important to connect past and present. Or maybe it just describes me to a tee!

as i take down our tree, carefully wrapping and storing each ornament for another year i find myself lingering just a bit longer this season with each one. i wonder how my world will change before they are next unwrapped. it occurs to me that these small glass treasures which have been a part of my christmases for so many years remain unchanged; i do not. perhaps that is why i spend more time with them now. i appreciate what i have. i recognize what i can lose. and i strive to savor and protect the GIFT i’ve been given.


Aspnes: Magical Sparkles, LoopdaLoopNo4, Everyday Inspiration 9May09.

Lynng: Vintage Youngsters.

AVictoria: Cashmere Solids.

Font: Century Gothic