I pulled out the man-liest elements I had for this page on my husband's new room....LOL! His designer (me) got a "little" carried away with the cave theme.

"It has been the plan for years to make part of the basement into a room for my husband. After adding our addition, we finally had the room to clear this space out and make John a Man Cave. I got a little carried away with the design - fish tank recessed into the wall, river rocks surrounding it and silver lizards climbing up the wall. Heck, I had to do something over-the-top to match his huge projection screen TV. He loves his new space."

Anna Aspnes:
Naked Tape FreeStyle Elements

Lynn Grieveson:
Chuff Chuff Kit (alpha and metal piece)
Glitter Thread Stitches (recolored)

Pattie Knox:
Staple Its!: Shapes
brass screw

Michelle Martin:
Ingrid Kit (gray paper)

Katie Pertiet:
Lady Bug Summer Collection (stitch)
My Wonderful Adventure Kit (blue paper)
My Country Mini Kit (mesh)
Wire Rimmed Alphabet No. 01
duct tape